Robot Learning and Robot Behavior Control Software
Skilligent Robot Learning System
Videos demonstrating the product's capabilities

This series of videos demonstrates the basics of the robot training process. The videos show a robot being trained to execute procedures of increasing complexity.

The fist goal is to train a robot to go to a certain place in a room, pick up an object there and then drop the object into a bin located somewhere else. After that, the robot is trained to perform a "sorting" task - dropping different objects into different bins.

A sample mobile robot shown on the videos is equipped with a 6 DOF robotic arm manipulator.

Video 1: A robot performs a learned procedure

The first video demonstrates how a pre-trained robot autonomously performs a learned procedure.

The robot has been pre-trained to do the following:

  1. drive to a landmark (a poster) placed on the wall and make a left turn there in order to locate an area where the robot is supposed to pick up an object;
  2. pick up an object (a box) at the object pickup area and make a left turn in order to locate a bin;
  3. drive closer to the bin and drop the object (the box) into the bin

The robot can reliably perform the procedure over and over again. Skilligent software uses a built-in robot vision system in order to locate objects, look for landmarks, navigate around the place, estimate object's position and control the robotic arm manipulator.

If a landmark, an object or a bin has been moved from their original places, the robot is still capable of successfully completing the procedure.

Video 2: A robot training session

The next video shows how the robot was trained to perform the procedure shown in the previous video.

During a training session, the robot needs to learn how to navigate to a certain place, pick up an object there and drop the object into a bin located somewhere else.

The training does not require any special technical skills from the trainer. The user doesn't touch a keyboard or joystick throughout the training.

Video 3: Learning a condition
Video 4: Learning a task hierarchy
Videos 5 and 6: Learning a skill