Robot Learning and Robot Behavior Control Software
Software for Learning Service Robots

A service robot controlled by Skilligent software Skilligent's software product is a control system which allows service robots to interact with users (humans), learn new tasks and skills from humans, safely navigate in the environment, see objects and track them, use a robotic arm, and perform other functions. The robot learning technology is one of the breakthroughs that connects various pieces of the puzzle and makes it possible to create such a general-purpose software robotic brain.

The software packages are built to run on control computers of autonomous multi-task service robots. The software enables building multi-task autonomous robots which can learn procedures and skills directly from human users while maintaining a social contact with them.

The software includes a robotic behavior control and coordination system with task and skill learning functions, a powerful robot vision system, a visual localization system, a social human-to-machine interface, a database for storing knowledge, an operator control unit software, and other integrated components. The software has been specifically designed for straightforward integration into PC-controlled robots.

The software is based on recent advances in understanding of embodied cognition, grounded perception, robot learning, behavior coordination and human-to-machine interaction.

Applications and APIs

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) controlled by Skilligent software The system adopts a network-oriented programming approach in order to provide a broadest choice of programming languages to an application developer. All user processes communicate to the system by sending and receiving UDP, TCP/IP or Serial messages. Those messages are OS-agnostic and programming language agnostic. Thus, an application can be written in any programming language as long as the language supports networking libraries or primitives (GNU C/C++, Visual C++, Java, C#, Python, Visual Basic, and so on). The system comes with a set of code samples which help kick start a systems integration project.

The control system is designed for use in various application including

Partnerships, OEM, Services

Skilligent provides solution partners with complete software packages for their service robotics solutions. Our typical offer includes the software plus system integration services to make everything work right. After the initial integration has been completed, our partners enjoy long-term OEM agreements.

Skilligent offers partnerships to

  • Manufacturers of Autonomous Robots
  • Vendors of robotic products (hardware or software)
  • Research and Engineering organizations
  • Academia
  • Distributors or robotic products

As the Skilligent software can be used as a software framework for research in the frontier areas of artificial intelligence, our team is willing to help kick start your research project or put together a curriculum.

Sumbit a partnership proposal

News & Events

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Skilligent Robot Vision system has been integrated with National Instruments' LabVIEW graphical programming environment.

Cirries Technologies, Inc. to continue using Skilligent software engineering services

Siam UAV Industries Co. Ltd. chooses Skilligent Fault-Tolerant Framework software as a foundation for their flight control system product.

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Meet Skilligent team at RoboDevelopment Conference in Santa Clara, CA, November 18-19, 2008. Schedule a meeting now.

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Korean web site

Skilligent launches a web site in Korean language

Skilligent to partner with Microsoft

Skilligent joins Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS) partnership program.

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